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The Warrior Mental Health Coalition was founded in February 2019 by The Battle Within as a way to offer graduates of it's 5-Day Revenant Journey opportunities to master and truly adopt the integrative skills (yoga, nutrition, fitness, meditation, ect.) that were introduced during the week. 

The Battle Within began looking for partners that shared the vision of allowing each Warrior (Veteran, First Responder, Dispatcher, Corrections Officer, ER Personnel) to be the hero of their own journey and that recognized their organization was only a step along that path. 


     I realized how lucky I was getting to live what we taught every day by virtue of my job. I wanted to create an environment for other Warriors to be able to experience that same continual reinforcement and growth.

- Justin Hoover, Executive Director of The Battle Within


Warriors take a leap of faith toward their new selves during their week at The Battle Within's Revenant Journey, but without continuing working toward that new self, they can fall back into the destructive coping skills they had before.


By putting the Warriors' needs first, the coalition custom-built services to create a continuum of care that can continue the journey of healing regardless of other obligations such as work, school, family or a mixture of all three.

     We want to breakdown all the barriers and excuses to Warriors getting care and being able to be successful.

- Josh Snyder, Executive Director of Chalk Up For Burpees

The Warrior Mental Health Coalition is comprised of Non-Profit and For-Profit organizations that have come together to develop a healing model centered around the Warrior's needs to provide them with more successful outcomes.  This model solves the most common problems Warriors face in seeking treatment.



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