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Each Warriors journey of healing is unique. This is why the KC Warrior Coalition has designed a care system to meet Warriors where they are and provide programs and support for each step of their healing journey.

Crisis Care


We all struggle at times. Knowing where to turn when those struggles become overwhelming is very important.

  • A comprehensive crisis care guide with resources tailored for all Warriors we serve.

  • Regularly updated to ensure you have access to the correct information when needed most.

  • Resource for family and friends to understand the care available to support those they love.

Trailhead Programs


Find programs and services to start your journey of healing. With services designed to provide you:

  • Understanding of the traumas you have endured in service to others.

  • introduction to the tools needed to set the stage for healing, 

  • Genuine, authentic community of support from fellow Warriors.

Next 90 Network Programs


Programs purposely built to integrate your mental health journey with the busy demands of daily life. Each program supports:

  • Mastering the tools introduced to during trailhead programs.

  • Providing the structured support needed to implement tools into your life successfully.

  • Receive the support you need to implement the needed tools  



​The healing journey lasts a lifetime, but you don't need to do it alone. KCWC recognizes how hard our Warriors work and have curated events to allow Warriors and their families to connect with their peers.

  • Sporting events

  • Warrior community events

  • Fallen Warriors Race Series

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