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Next 90 Network Classes

The Next 90 Classes allow graduates to further their experiences after the trailhead program into lifelong habits. Each class will enable graduates to fully explore the healing modalities, incorporate them into their daily routines, and continue to expand their network of peer support. 

Each course is designed to fit their busy schedules, so there is every opportunity to continue the healing journey today!

Chalk Up For Burpees (CU4B) 90-Day Program has a mission to aid veterans, first responders, and department personnel in the creation of lifelong health and wellness habits. The 90-Day Program uses the vehicle of fitness to teach the importance of taking care of your body all while reeducating participants on the necessity to also take care of their minds. CU4B understands the incredible task at hand but believes that through structure, support and accountability we will be able to help break down the walls that stand in the way of the participant's success in order for them to have a more fulfilling life.  

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Chalk Up For Burpees


Fitness program

Resilience Program

Pause First Academy

Pause First works exclusively with those on the front lines: law enforcement, dispatch, fire service, EMS, corrections, military, veterans, healthcare personnel, social workers, and others. We focus on holistic wellness, meaning we address the whole person, taking into account mental, emotional, physical, social, and relational wellbeing.  


Monkey Brain Art

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