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Trailhead Programs

It starts with a single step, where our journey begins, the beginning of a new life path—the trailhead, where one decides to alter the course of their life and take the first step.


After the Revenant Journey, The KC Warrior Coalition programs such as Frontline Therapy Network, Chalk up for Burpees, and the Resilience programs step in to walk alongside you as you continue your healing journey.

The Battle Within was founded by over 100 veterans, first responders, community leaders, and supporters who believe that every Warrior deserves the opportunity to heal from the traumas they have endured in their service to others. They came together to build a community for Warriors nationwide to attend for free, a five-day program created by Warriors using holistic techniques steeped in ancient Warrior culture and backed by modern evidence-based methods.

Founding Member

The Battle Within

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Mental Health Programs

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